Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Lovely Dear

Alexa Chung is a British television presenter, model, and contributing editor at British Vogue. She is the face of Lacoste's "Joy of Pink" fragrance and Superga's Italian sneakers.

Chung is a muse to many fashion designers because of her distinctive personal style. She frequently appears on best dressed lists, is a regular cover girl for Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar and is often seen in the front row at fashion shows. In 2009, the designer handbag company Mulberry created a much sought-after bag named after and inspired by Chung, called the "Alexa". In January 2010, she was named in Tatler’s top 10 best-dressed list. In February 2010, Chung collaborated with J.Crew's Madewell on a womenswear line which was unveiled during New York Fashion Week. She is collaborating with Madewell once again for a second collection, set to debut on September 22nd, 2011.

Vogue's Anna Wintour has described Chung as "a phenomenon" while the New York Times has declared her "the Kate Moss of the new generation". Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has described her as "beautiful and clever..a modern girl". In December 2010, Bryan Ferry, on behalf of the British Fashion Council, presented Chung with the British Style Award which "recognises an individual who embodies the spirit of British fashion and is an international ambassador for the UK as a leading creative hub for fashion" at a ceremony at the Savoy Theatre in London. At the British Fashion Awards 2011, Chung won the British Style Award, which was voted for by the public.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birthday Wishes :)

Sebenernya sih udah ke lewat lama banget ulang tahunnya. Tapi baru bisa ngepost sekarang eheheh. Seneng banget bisa ketemu sama Nino, Rayi, dan Asta. Mereka juga ngucapin "happy birthday" lewat voice note.

Rayi yang paling panjang ngucapinnya plus doa-doanya. Menurut aku sih dia tulus banget ngucapinnya ahaha. Kalo Asta ngasih wish juga. Tapi kalo Nino cuma ngucapin "happy birthday" yang panjang.

Sebenernya aku mau upload voice note-nya tapi karna aku belum ngerti gimana caranya upload voice note di blog jadi kapan - kapan aja ya aku upload nya :D

Plus ini ada foto - foto aku bareng Rayi, Asta, sama Nino.

 Ini aku sama Nino :)

 yang ini aku sama Rayi :D
 ini aku, Raina, Rayi, sama Hesti

 Asta nyusuuul

 foto bareng lagi sama Rayi 

Rayi lagi :)

Fotonya segitu dulu yaa dan itu kameranya Raina lagi 'ngambek' jadi gambarnnya ga fokus. X0X0